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Want to be taken by me for more than a few hours? Multiple hour and full day sessions are available.

Sessions run by the hour, with my average session lasting 2 hours. I recommend 2 hours for all new folx, as this allows time for easing in to new sensations and experiences without feeling rushed. Click on the images for more info on the type of sessions I offer. 

Deposits required for all sessions. 

See contact page to book time with me.

Traveling Domme. I can travel to you with any added travel expenses covered by you, and based on my interest level in taking the journey. 




My style is an emblem of delightful hedonism. I invite you to share your true self with me and delve deeper into erotic exploration with ease. I love connecting with folx in an authentic way and genuinely enjoy getting to know the folx who cross my kinky path. I am someone you can have a real conversation with, connecting on an intellectual level, while also sending flirtatious vibes that make your whole body writhe. 

On the flip side of that, I have a wonderfully sadistic side. Once you start to get comfortable, I'll turn a switch and show you the unexpected. I love inflicting pain on the folx who wander into my lair and invoking powerful emotions in them. I have a tremendous amount of strength and find that many think they can handle it, soon finding out just how strong I really am. 


I view my work as the physical vessel leading to greater discovery, and, ultimately, personal freedom.  I believe in creating a brave space for the truest forms of self-discovery to blossom and unfold. This is your journey, with me as your guide into all things sensual and sadistic.


My passion for this shines through every time I am able to play, discover, and create something wonderfully wicked with a fellow lover of kink.


So, what are you waiting for? Let’s create sometime together. Visit the contact page to get started.



*check your spam folder if you haven't received a response

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